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Drainage Work:

“Hi, Russ.

You may recall, when we first discussed this project, I tempered my expectations of the outcome with the phrase "reasonably level floor." Never did I expect you to turn back the hands of time and restore my home's floor to its original pristine level condition, especially considering the many years and complex foundation problems that had contributed to its sagging and uneven appearance. Your ingenious engineering strategy worked perfectly. Now, with the new drainage system you designed and installed, I'm confident that my future renovations will be money well spent on a home whose floors once seemed tired and old. Not only is the added value to my home many times the cost of your services, but I'm very excited now about my home's potential, a result of your expert knowledge and wonderful crew. One more thing: After many past remodeling projects, I have to say that your crew was the most professional and considerate I've ever worked with...not surprising, considering the amazing results. Thank you for a job well done, Russ.”


Ron Asento

                                            December 2009

“I was amazed by how extensive the underground work was surrounding my home.  Arcus carefully worked around all of my existing utilities and provided an excellent control system”.               

                                          June 1999                     Dr. Matthew G.  PHD.

                                                                                Howard Medical Research

“Acuterra is using the most advanced technologies we currently sell. They are designing state of the art control systems”

                                          August 2005                  Scott M.

                                                                                Chief Engineer, Pump Tech Corp.

“I must admit, when you and the engineering company first recommended this extensive French drain system for my drainage problem, I found it hard to believe that it would make the difference that you claimed.  Yet, 5-7 days after each heavy rain last year, I was astonished by the volume of water still pouring out of the discharge pipes.”

                                           May 2004                    Ignacio R.

                                                                               Signet Golf

Interior Beam Repair:

“The designers from Acuterra created a custom designed steel pillar and harness.  Then in a process that looked more like surgery than carpentry, cut slots through the outside wall of the building only a fraction larger than the steel flanges that slid through them.  They covered the area with fire proof blankets and welded the rig in place. Several days later, after carpenters, masons, drywallers and painters, you would never have known that they had been here at all.  I’m amazed, there wasn’t even a mark on my hardwood floor.”

                                            January 2006                Roger S.

                                                                                  Managing Director Micron Tech.

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